About Michael

“I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about a company. We are doing things at Circle 3 that have never quite been done before. We are positively transforming many people’s lives. I literally gab about this like a high school girl just invited to the prom, it’s that exciting.”

Michael is the Co-Founder, first Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Circle 3, a post he has held since September 18, 2005.

Mr. Clifton has held several leadership positions, including roles in business consulting firms, and the jewelry industry. In 2003, he joined the management staff at Y2Marketing. A couple years later, in 2005, Mr. Clifton co-founded Circle 3.

Above everything Mr. Clifton is driven to support his relationships. He says; “The friends and relationships we make are the cornerstone to any business. For without the mutual respect, trust and loyalty of our business friends, our business is doomed.”

Mr. Clifton has been honored in several company journals for his innovative vision and strategy. In 2003, the Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchisor Company acknowledged him for his coaching; “It is apparent that Michael is highly competent in what he teaches. No one can speak with his conviction and fake it. To top that, the result created by the programs he develops is nothing short of astounding.”

When asked how he came to be so knowledgeable in growing businesses Mr. Clifton humbly stated; “I owe great thanks to the mentors in my life; for it was their guidance, assistance and belief that drove me to see beyond my personal limitations; and today it is that ability I strive to instill in others. I am forever in their debt.”

“You’d be hard pressed to find a business executive with Michael’s abilities anywhere. If you combine his mastery of marketing, strategy, sales, graphic layout and design, written copy, and his knowledge and understanding of the highest caliber of sophisticated computer technology, you’d have a tough time finding all of them in one person.” ~ Jack Tuuk, President.

Mr. Clifton earned a B.A. degree in geology in 1984. He and his wife have three daughters.

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