The World Wide Vector (WWV)

The World Wide Vector (WWV) is a disruptive technology replacement of the Internet. Over the past few years, evidence has surfaced publicly exposing the many problems that exist in the Internet. Everything from data scavengers and hackers to more skilled “interlopers” all attempting to intercept, extract and claim your data for their own.

To begin understand the depth of these problems, we must first clarify exactly what the Internet is, and what it is not. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks owned by a group of telecommunication companies that have agreed to pass “traffic” throughout the networked group of networks. Billions of devices worldwide owned by government agencies, large corporations, of local to global scope, educational institutions, small business, and individual users all link a broad array of hardline and wireless technologies to the Internet using the standard Internet Protocol suite (TCP/IP).

The Internet carries digital data like the killer app known as the World Wide Web (WWW), and the killer app known as e-mail.

Yet, billions of people around the world trust and expose their most valuable data to this inherently dangerous environment every day.

It is not surprising to anyone today to read or hear about some major corporation whose sensitive data was compromised and stolen. And it is equally not surprising to learn that the sensitive data ended up being customer and/or employee email addresses, personal addresses, social security numbers, or even detailed credit card information. And yet we all passively accept what we feel we have no control over.

The Internet provides end to end connectivity from your computer to another computer or web server connected to the internet. This creates a complete path that is easily traceable by someone with the knowledge to do so. This means your computer can easily be compromised and all of your activity and traffic monitored.

The World Wide Vector (WWV) is, on the other hand, a supercomputing network connected through privately owned fiber line. Since the World Wide Vector (WWV) does not connect through the public Internet it is ultra-secure. It was designed to eliminate all of the current and future problems users face on today’s Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW).

In addition to virus elimination; the World Wide Vector (WWV) was built to protect you and your business from the many predators, hackers, corporations and agencies lurking and hacking into every corner of the Internet. These people are monitoring your every activity. They are waiting for an opportunity to compromise your computer, collect your personal information and monitor how much time and how often you access the internet; what programs you use and how often. If the average user really understood exactly how dangerous the Internet is, they would immediately stop using it!

The World Wide Vector (WWV) surpasses all of the capabilities of the Internet and then some without any of the disadvantages. The World Wide Vector (WWV) has extremely advanced features that the Internet could never provide. Features like; Dataflow Applications and Uncompromised Security that is only available from a massively parallel Supercomputing network environment.

The World Wide Vector (WWV) is a virtual universe offering people, businesses, organizations and governments a completely secure environment, impervious to unauthorized spying, hackers, viruses, identity and data compromise.

Continue reading about the architectural design of the World Wide Vector.


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